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Dog collar

Give a rescued dog their very own collar

Lifesaving vaccines

Vaccinations against rabies and other deadly diseases to help save the life of a dog or cat in Cambodia or Vietnam

Urgent Medical Care

Your gift could provide lifesaving veterinary services for animals rescued from the dog and cat meat trade.

Freedom flight

Send a rescued dog on the journey of their life to be adopted by a loving family. Reduce the burden on the overcrowded shelters of Southeast Asia, and give animals a long, happy, life free from the terror of the dog meat trade.

Food bowls

A special bowl so they never have to fight for food or water again

Cat food

Food for a hungry kitten rescued from a slaughterhouse in Vietnam

Dog food

A month’s supply of food for a rescued dog to feed them until they find a loving home

Grooming brush

A shiny, healthy, coat of fur will be a source of pride for a rescued dog or cat

Dog toy

Puppies rescued from the meat trade have never seen a toy before. Give them their very first toy and teach them what fun is about!

Cat toy

Help a frightened kitten come out of their shell with a fun new toy they can call their own

Grooming kit

A bubble bath, flea-treatment, nail trim and a warm dry towel will help a rescued puppy look their best for potential adopters

Soft bed

After all they’ve been through, rescued cats deserve a cozy night’s rest. Sweet dreams of the life that awaits them!


Help our kind shelter workers in Southeast Asia provide care and housing for a rescued animal for one month

Transportation crate

Help rescued dogs and cats travel safely to our partner shelters for veterinary treatment and rehabilitation

Future hope

Fund a local educational workshop to teach children about kindness to animals, and the dangers of the dog meat trade

Spay & neuter

Cover the sterilization costs of 10 cats to ensure unwanted kittens don't end up in the cat meat trade